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Projet Syntrex Performance

SYNTREX is a London-based multimedia art collective exploring the fusion of experimental sound, moving image, choreography and technology. It was founded by  duo Ieva Vaiti (composer and producer), and Amy Dang (visual artist). They are working collaboratively with Magnus Westwell (movement director).


PLACES // 2 is an  innovative, multi-sensory event that took place in 2019 at The Silver Building, London. The work explores the performative sense of ‘journey’, and the sensations which accompany physical transitions; in collaboration with the dancers: Oscar Li and Olivia Grassot. 


Performance and behind the scene shots are featuring in the music video 'She Ghetto' from Piksel/ Leva Vaiti.

Syntrex Project


Magnus Westwell


Leva Vaiti


Amy Dang


 Olivia Grassot, Oscar Li

Some Silver Burns

By looking at the shift towards a world that is dominated by technology, some silver burns explores the synthetic and virtual algorithms embedded in our everyday lives, in parallel to those that we see in natural forms. Traversing through a world of glitching beats and haunting violin melodies, SYNTREX explores these themes through live electronic and acoustic music, contemporary dance, and projected live visuals.

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