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Teaching & Workshops

Olivia Grassot is willing to be active artistically, culturally and with educational purpose.

-Dance, share, learn-

Twist and Untwine workshop

 Dance is a meeting point, a collective strength gathering around emotions, imagination, poetry, research and compassion. 

Olivia Grassot seek to share a social experience and open the boundaries of the imagination in order to enter our universe and be fully present.

those classes invite every mover and curious mind to take risks and find new patterns with their mind and body language.

Olivia offers contemporary, Neo-classical, Ballet, partnering and improvisation sessions:

workshops, choreographic creations, repertoire classes, exploration, instant creation workshop. Those sessions are welcoming every movers to resonate and flow through movements. By navigating through different dimensions and by nuancing our intensity, we explore the different shades of our dance....


Twist and Untwine: contemporary


In this workshop, we will connect to our groove through dynamics, fluidity and sensitivity of movements. Together we will twist and untwine our bodies, float through the space and wave through our intruments. We will explore the interest of rotations and the unlimited possibilities to shift our shapes and intuitions. We will let our bodies resonate our inner power and vibration by exploring different shades: structures- bones, articulations, muscles, surface and physically: qualities, gravitation, orientation. Furthermore we will let our physicality reverberates our imagination and our inner world. This session is a contemporary based style around improvisation and phrases to apply some concepts and explore further through restrictions. Welcoming every movers to resonate and flow through movements.

Perspective, Movement and Shades:

Through this workshop, we will approach instant creation in space in different ways: perspectives, movements and nuances. We will explore the importance of choices, instant creation and the movement of the mass through exercises. We will highlight the art of performative improvisation by questioning and exploring the different possibilities, perspectives and choices we can convey to an audience. We will work on decision-making, listening, suggestions and reactivity in a group.

Contemporary technique:

Through her training at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance, Olivia practiced Cunnigham, Graham, Floor work, release, improvisation, partnering and composition. She kept developing her contemporary approach though different collaborations of art disciplines and movement styles. In her class, She push forward the aspect of diverse coordinations and dynamics by looking at the reactivity of interpretation and adaptation.

Ballet, Neoclassical technique:

With her Vaganova Ballet training from the Conservatoire de la Danse de Bruxelles and her Ballet training from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance, Olivia adapts her classes depending on the technical demand and the fusion with contemporary approaches. Point work included.






- ‘Body Talks’: Symposium female artists and their practice with AOmaon

Messums Wiltshire Gallery (UK); October 2022

-'4BY20: Emerging Choreographers': emerging artists and their needs with AOmaon

 Messums Wiltshire Gallery (UK); July 2022



-Rehearsal Assistant: Equilibrio Dinamico GOLD Ensemble (IT); March 2023

- Choreography: Atelier chorégraphique (FR); June 2022

- Choreography: Dance emotion Academy (D); July 2022

-Choreography: Studio Pro Arte (D); July 2022

- Choreography: Synopsis Youth Ballet (FR); August 2019

- Choreography: Rambert Prevocational collaboration Royal Academy of Music (UK); December 2018



-Equilibrio Dinamico; Small Class Training (IT); October 2023

-Equilibrio Dinamico GOLD Ensemble (IT); March 2023

-EDMC (FR); January 2023, October 2023

-The Place (UK); June 2022

- Studio Pro Arte FREIART FESTIVAL (D); September 2022

-  Atelier Chorégraphique (FR); Juillet 2022

- Messums festival (UK); Juillet 2022

- Studio pro Arte (D); January 2022

-Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (UK); September 2021

-Dance Emotion Academy & Studio Pro Arte (D); March-July 2021

-Profitraining Freiburg (D); June 2021

- Synopsis summer intensive 2020/2019 (FR); Summer 2019/2020

-London Boys Ballet School (UK); 2019

-Rambert School Prevocational (UK); 2018

 2023: Equilibirio Dinamico Ensemble GOLD:

Rehearsal assistant, restating Imre Van Opstal and ​Pablo Girolami and guest teaching.

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