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Nationality:  French

ethnicity:      Belgian - Polish

Olivia Grassot - Mouvement Artist 

'When I dance I feel I am living a moment of plenitude, I am playing with my dreams, I am moving my consciousness.
I like to see artworks as a historical print reflecting our response to our society. I see performative dance as an environnement where the complexity of the world is translated into sensations and vulnerability. Art is an essential, in the growth of our being. Creative learning, intellectual entertainment, world discovery: this is how I perceive performance art. I believe that artistry consist of being curious and open-minded, ready to collaborate and to meet the unknown- to question ourselves and what surround us to then create authenticity. We are not only looking at an artwork but an experience, a happening.'

Olivia Grassot is a freelance movement artist. She originally comes from Belgium where she started her beginning on stage at Les Beaux-arts with the Conservatoire de la danse de Bruxelles. She continued her training in London where she graduated from the Rambert school of Ballet and Contemporary dance.

Since then, Olivia performed works from Brandon Lagaert, Karolin Stächele, Roberta Ferrara, Lin Wen- Chung, Cheng Yi-wen, Magnus Westwell, Oscar Schlemmer, Jason Mabana- Around the UK, Europe and China. She has worked with different companies such as Kennedy Muntanga Dance Theatre, Equilibrio Dinamico, Royal Opera House, B21 Company, Matsena Productions and Dagada dance company.

Alongside performing, Olivia creates her own work, teaches and choreographs. She is currently working on her work 'Hiddentity'; a live performance and visual art project.  She co-fonded AOmaon collective with Adélie Lavail. Since then, AOmaon Collectif has performed in France, Germany and Uk: The Place Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Freiart festival, Theatre mairie de Perpignan, Festival Tautavel and Messums Wiltshire. AOmaon became an associate artistic collective of the Gallery Messums Wilthsire in 2022. She also worked as a rehearsal director for Matsena productions, KMDT and Magnus Westwell (Sadler’s wells young associates). She restaged 'Pink Moon' (Imre Van Opstal) for the young Ensemble of Equilibrio Dinamico.

She taught as a guest teacher/choreographer at Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, The Place London,  Profit training Freiburg, Edmc Danse, Studio Pro Arte, Dance Emotion Academy, Synopsis Youth Ballet, prevocational Rambert school, ... 

In 2023, Olivia Grassot received the First Prize of the Jury and the Special PEEPING TOM Award for her performance: 'Hiddentity' during the Brussels Dance Contest. AOmaon collaborated with Quill Kickers, a storytelling platform, on a Dance film 'Amorphous Intention (IA)’, Selection British Short Film Award.  She joined Equilibrio Dinamico for the new creation of Roberta Ferrara and Brandon Lagaert that was touring in Aterballetto and several Festival around Italy. In March, She restaged 'Pink Moon' a work from Imre Van Opstal, for the Equilbrio Dinamico Ensemble. In April, She performed 'Plague of Doubt' with AOmaon collective. In November, she joined the new creation of DAGADA Dance Theatre - PRIVILEGION. 

In 2022, She performed 'Utopia Room' by AOmaon Collectif at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. She then worked on the new creation 'Shades of Blue' of Matsena Productions as a rehearsal director and assistant choreographer. She performed the work at the Sadler's Wells Theatre. In July 2022, she co-created & performed with her collective AOmaon for the festival '4by 20 Dance', organised by the Gallery Messums Wiltshire. They then got invited to perform at the Frei Art festival 2022 in Freiburg. After that she assisted Magnus Westwell for his final creation at the Sadler's Wells Theatre as a Young associate artist. In November 2022 she joined Dagada company for her new creation 'How Soon Is Now?' at the E-werk Theatre. 

In 2021, Olivia collaborated on the creation of three dance film in UK: ‘Unearth’ - directed by Magnus Westwell, in collaboration with Max Cookward and House of Mass; ‘Deep Blue’ - directed by Louis-Jack; ‘Hiddentity’ - under her own direction and in collaboration with Impermanence Dance, Selection Brussels International dance film Festival 2022. She then performed 'Hiddentity' on stage in Freiburg (D). In September 2021, She assisted Choreographer Kennedy Muntanga and performed 'Greater Than Lion' at Messums Wiltshire Gallery. And in October 2021, She performed an extract of this piece at the 'Ballet Nights' hosted by Jamiel Laurence. In October/November 2021 Olivia joined the production of Macbeth Opera choreographed by Michael Keegan-Dolan with the Royal Opera House. 

In 2020, Olivia has joined the Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble and she had participated in the creation of ‘Kick Start’ a choreography turned into a dance film, under the direction of Roberta Ferrara.

In 2019 She participated in a choreographic and intercultural exchange project: ArtsCross - ‘Beyond the clouds’ in collaboration with the Beijing Dance Academy, the Tapei Dance University and the Middlesex University of London. In the same year, Olivia has worked as a movement artist and restaged a choreography at the Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery and London Frieze Fair 2019 for the exhibition of ‘Oskar Schlemmer -Baubaus Dance’. She worked in parallel with the company Syntrex Project as a guest performer. 




First prize: PERFORMANCE 

PEEPING TOM Special Award

HIDDENTITY performance

Brussels Dance Contest 2023

Belgian Beauties selection


Brussels International dance Film Festival


2016 - 2019

2014 - 2016

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance

Conservatoire de la danse de Bruxelles

Choreographic creations 




Hiddentity - Brussels Dance Contest 2023

Amorphous Intention (AI), Dance Film

Plague of Doubt, Perpignan/ Wilthsire

Hiddentity, Dance film and live performance, Freiburg

Little Evenings, Smooth Feelings, Dance Emotion Academy Freiburg



Utopia Room, The Place London/ Bristol Old Vic 

Mozart Requiem, Palais des Congrès Perpignan

To win, To lose, Lilian Baylis London


Do you wonder why?, Anya Linden Theatre London

Depending the weather, Royal Academy of Music London

Guest teacher





2019, 2020



Bewegung Art  (D)

Profitraining Freiburg  (D)

Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble  (It)

Edmc Danse  (FR)

The Place London (UK)

Atelier Chorégraphique (FR)

Frei Art Festival (D)

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (UK)
Studio Pro Arte (D)
Dance Emotion Academy (D)
Profitraining Freiburg (D)

Synopsis Youth Ballet (FR)

London Boys Ballet school (UK)

Rambert School (UK)

Some body parts in motion

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