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-Plague of Doubt-

Plague of Doubt was commissioned by Messums Gallery Wiltshire for the 4BY20 festival 2022.


Nostalgia, boredom, anxiety, what a virus this uncertainty is. Overwhelmed by information, what a struggle to hold on to reality when the world seems senseless. We encounter our current dictator, that eternal shadow that worries us. We see Uncertainty under the guise of a disease spreading and becoming uncontrollable up to isolation. "How can we see if we can no longer meet, how can we feel if we can no longer touch, how can we believe if we can no longer trust?" "Plague of Doubt" combines the comfort of the past with the instability of the future; the pleasures of the past with the doubts of the future; the regret of the past with the desire of the future.

Direction & choreography: 

Adélie Lavail, Olivia Grassot


Clancy Flynn


Ieva Vaiti (Piksel)


Antoine Coppi, Elena Puchol, Adélie  Lavail, Olivia Grassot


In the summer 2022, AOmaon Dance collective has been selected for the '4 by 20' festival by the Messums Wiltshire Gallery (UK), a platform for emerging choreographers. They have been commissioned a new work of 20min: Plague of Doubt. They also presented  their existing Duet 'Utopia Room'. AOmaon became an associate artistic collective of the Gallery Messums Wilthsire.

Messums Gallery Link:

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